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At Freedom and Honor, we offer training programs and workshops that bridge the gap between combat tours, military to civilian life, and between mental health support and other community services. When traversing the sometimes foreign landscape, it is crucial to learn the skills to regain the ability to engage at peak performance. These confidential programs are open to any branch of service; Active Duty, Guard, Reserves and Veterans of any conflict or military duty. Our goal – mission ready military and productive and healthy veteran citizens.

We know the journey for those who serve in our military is one of new and constant challenges. The core program technology was designed by the men and women who have been there and for a variety of reasons they wanted something different; an alternative or complimentary way forward. Some wanted a path outside of mental health, some sought to learn new skills and examine their course of action from new perspectives and, some wanted a way to connect to their military brothers and sisters. Freedom and Honor offers trainings that offer a real and tangible way to move your mission forward without having to talk it through.

If you are an individual soldier or veteran, interested in taking on the personal mission of dealing with the natural impact of combat and or ensuring that your transition to civilian life is supported by new skills and perspectives; then click on Events for the next training.

If you are in a command position, a member of the behavioral health team, chaplain or contracting officer seeking to provide additional training and support services via your organization, the Freedom and Honor team is here to support you. Contact Nancy McGrory at 610-952-2595

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Program Director - Martin Richardson

Martin Richardson, son of two World War Veterans, is the program director for the Freedom and Honor Transition Team.  Martin was one of the founders and designers of the Freedom and Honor combat transition programs that began in 2005 to provide experiential trainings to assist those with combat stress (PTSD) and reintegration issues. Through 2009 and early 2010, Mr. Richardson lead the team to support the Pennsylvania National Guard Yellow Ribbon programs and was responsible for developing interactive transition modules for the program.

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