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Another Successful Women Warrior Weekend!

Another Successful Women Warrior Weekend!

On a weekend in January, 18 Women went on a journey. None of them knew much about the trip they were about to take, but bravely each one decided that that didn’t matter. Of the many that applied to go on this journey these are the few that were able to make it.

The Warrior Transition Workshop is a 2 1/2 day weekend designed in the context of how military men and women are accustomed to being trained, these programs are hands-on and include a peer to peer support system. Studies have shown it significantly reduces anger, pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, fatigue and social isolation. As a post-deployment training, Freedom & Honor workshops are not mental health programs; they are an alternative and complementary course.

Here are a few comments from this weekends workshop:

J. Jimenez – Navy 20 years — “Opportunity to partake this definitely assisted in my reintegration it has decreased my anxiety about transitioning I retired about 2 years ago but did not touch base on how I was doing. Some of the exercises were anxiety provoking but necessary they engaged all participants and everyone was willing to participate.”

K. Maxwell – Army 3 years — “I feel like I have support and understanding I have received light refocused and new direction. The exercise helped mentally and therapeutically to connect to feelings and issues. It helps to overcome anxiety and loneliness. I absolutely want to staff a future program.”

J. Torres – Army 6 years — “The weekend was excellent, I felt like I was hear longer in a positive way. It helped me let go of things and people holding me back and helped me see it is ok to let go. The exercises were powerful the end was fantastic in getting out the battle and fighting both ends Staff was patient and empathetic to all who shared. I love the military culture it’s hard to relate to others who don’t understand, its priceless to open up to women who are not judgmental listen and encourage. This program is a must for anyone who needs to release what is being bottled up.”

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