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AMVETS Women Transition Workshop

AMVETS Women's Warrior Transition Workshop

AMVETS Women Transition Workshop

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Join women veterans in a journey of healing at the AMVETS Women Warrior Transition Workshop

For some, part of our military service may have left us shattered, or our life after the service may have been fraught with challenges or maybe, isolation.
AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshop (WTW) was designed especially to deal with your issues – PTS, MST and other transition life challenges.The program is a series of exercises that will give you a new perspective. You will be guided through:
  • Honoring who we are
  • Creating a sacred space
  • What am I carrying?
  • Why can’t I move forward?
  • Soul perspective
  • Energetic release & renewal
  • Goddess mission
Unlike other workshops, this is not a bunch of information sessions to choose from nor a program where you can come and go, this is a true commitment to yourself to shift towards a more positive, truer self and move beyond those things that may hold you back.
And, we guarantee you will have some laughs and make new friends.


The Next Workshop Is: August 7-9, 2017, Norfolk, VA


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Only 24 spots available. The workshop is open to all women Veterans of any era, Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves. It is a safe and confidential space. Safe, private environment for women only.


There is no fee. Includes meals and lodging (2 per room). Transportation not included.


The event is Co-Sponsored by Amvets and AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary


  • 3:00pm [registration and check-in]
  • 5:00pm [dinner]
  • 6:30pm [program begins]
  • 8:00am [program begins + breakfast]
  • 7:00pm [program ends + dinner]
  • 8:00am [program begins + breakfast]
  • 12:00pm [program ends at noon]
  • 1:00pm [invitation to AMVETS Joint Opening Ceremony]
  • 6:00-10:00pm [invitation to attend Virginia Nights as a guest of AMVETS]



What Women are Saying:

“My comments are all positive because experience is what I needed to release some tears and gain some knowledge.”

“At first I was very nervous about it but once I started hearing peoples’ stories, I opened up and it allowed me to greatly benefit and learn things.”

“The best exercise for me was the rock and the hard place.”

“Little by little all the exercises lead up to a breakthrough.”

“I loved the personalization of some of the exercises.”


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