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Turning off the switch… Combat Readiness.

Turning off the switch… Combat Readiness.

In the military we are trained to do one thing before anything else, we are taught to be ready to do anything to complete the mission. At first most people don’t actually know what that means. As time goes by and usually during our first deployment, we realize what it really means to be ready to do anything. In fact you even start to see how the smallest mistakes could cost someone their life.

So we begin to associate even the smallest mistakes as life threatening, no matter how big or small, “Combat Readiness” is what our command would call it. It was our way of life, most would call it the “Fight or Flight” response. In a combat situation this is perfectly normal, in fact your life depends on each and every one of the soldiers around you and it is directly related to their combat readiness.

So we finish our deployment and get back to the states, back to our family, and back to our normal lives, right? Dead Wrong! After all the Bravo Sierra (BS) we’ve been put through nothing will ever be the same. So what do you do? Well we’ve been trained to show no weakness, to be strong even when we’re not. A little pain here, a few nightmares there, its ok “Just drink some water” and you’ll be alright. When the pain is a little too much to take we throw back some Ibuprofen (Ranger Candy) and Charlie Mike (CM = Continue Mission). It’s the Military way. Show no pain and suck it up. They do a great job of showing us how to turn the combat readiness ON, but how do we turn it OFF?

AMVETS has partnered with The Freedom and Honor foundation and Call of Duty: Endowment (CODE) to bring to you: AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshops. These are FREE workshops to any Military personnel who would like to attend. The team behind the program has been helping Veterans since 2006. Their main focus is helping you turn off that damn switch that the Military does an awesome job of turning ON.

What does that mean? Well here’s what past participants have said about the program:


“Made Connections and Friendships with other veterans”

“It allowed me to unload an old burden”

“It helped me open up and realize some changes to make for the better”

“50% of the way”

“Put me on the right path”

“It definitely did (help) and I would be willing to attend any time in the future”

“I came into this weekend with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. The experience that I received is like no other and this retreat is unexplainable. The only way to understand it is to come see for yourself”

“Networked with people that have great information to help further myself in life after combat”

“Made (me) realize what I had to do to move forward in life”


Make sure to “contact us” about when and where our next workshop will be. See you there!

Past participants:

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